As a crossroads between science and the business sector, Kampusareena offers enterprises comprehensive services ranging from basic needs to special expertise. A small town’s worth of students, master’s degree in technology graduates, researchers and other top professionals work and study in the area.

By bringing research, academics and vibrant business activity close together, Kampusareena sparks new life into multidisciplinary collaboration. It brings businesses literally into the heart of the campus as part of a highly effective international scientific community. Proximity accelerates collaboration

Kampusareena is ideal for research-intensive enterprises and companies engaged in the development of new technology, services and products. The Kampusareena community is intended for businesses that have a genuine desire to collaborate with TUT. Businesses are invited to choose between leasing their own Kampusareena premises or using space provided in a serviced office facility. There is also plenty of flexible project space to support collaboration between businesses.

Ask more from Jaana Hanninen, Customer Coordinator, Concept development and sales 0400 414 117 or firstname.lastname@sykoy.fi

There are excellent business support services along with leading laboratories and international research teams. The students provide a motivated workforce, new perspectives and a great deal of enthusiasm. The premises and services are finely tuned to support fluid and successful collaboration.

Site details

Site name Kampusareena
Address Korkeakoulunkatu 7, 33720 Tampere
Vacancy The first level has 144 m² free space available for rent now. Additionally, also 110 m² and 350 m² spaces are available at the 6th floor.
Construction year 2015



Additional material and information on the premises can be requested from

Jaana Hanninen
Customer Coordinator, Concept development and Sales
0400 414 117